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  • Delfonic & Kapote – Illegal Jazz Vol. 2.1 [IJR002.1]

    The world needs more Dancefloor Jazz! Toy Tonics main man KAPOTE and former OYE Records selector DELFONIC teamed up to bring it to you. Both have a great vinyl collection and decided to release reworks of rare 1970ies jazz funk, spiritual, latin and brasil tunes. This is the 2nd release: ILLEGAL JAZZ VOL 2. And […]

  • Delfonic & Kapote – Illegal Jazz Vol. 6  [IJR006]

    Delfonic · Illegal Jazz Vol. 6 / IJR006 Delfonic & Kapote start the year 2022 with the 6th issue of their jazzy – funk – disco reworks on Illegal Jazz. Proper soulful flavour for the dance floor delights! released February 25, 2022

  • Delfonic & Kapote – Illegal Jazz Vol. 1  [IJR001]

    Toy Tonics · Delfonic & Kapote – Illegal Jazz Vol. 1 [TOYE001] Delfonic teamed up with TOY TONICS head honcho KAPOTE for a little series of reworks of 1970ies Dance Jazz tunes. Rare and forgotten tracks from their collection recutted and rechopped they feel fine in a 2022 DJ set. Delfonic & Kapote joined forces […]

  • Kosmo Kint & Kapote – Misbehave [TOYT127]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD Toy Tonics head honcho Kapote jammed with New York born soul singer Kosmo Kint… and these are the three songs they finalized. Electric Soul? Futuristic disco? New Wave Funk? The songs have different vibes. Difficult to pin them down to a style. Ranging from soulful downtempo to more uptempo, almost 1980ies moody […]

  • Delfonic & Kapote – Illegal Jazz Vol. 5  [IJR005]

    Delfonic · Illegal Jazz Vol. 5 Step five of the ILLEGAL JAZZ edit series by Berlin’s DELFONIC & KAPOTE is ready! Focused on reworks of rare soul jazz and jazz funk-disco tunes from the 1970ies. Reworked for today’s eclectic dancefloors. The first volumes of this series have been sold out very fast. A sign that […]

  • Delfonic & Kapote – Illegal Jazz Vol. 4  [IJR004]

    Delfonic · Illegal Jazz Vol. 4 ILLEGAL JAZZ is the edit series by Toy Tonics’s head honcho KAPOTE and Berlin’s vinyl expert and former OYE records main man DELFONIC. As jazz started to become the IT sound in many scenes around the world the guys thought it might make sense to take some rare old […]

  • Kapote pres Mushroom House Vol 2 [TOYT116]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL The Mushroom House compilation is a collection of balearic, afro and cosmic disco tracks that have been released on several Toy Tonics EPs over the last 5 years. Toy Tonics now releases some of these EPs on a double vinyl together. This is the second part. Featuring eleven tracks. (Vol […]

  • Delfonic & Kapote – Illegal Jazz Vol. 3  [IJR003]

    Delfonic · Illegal Jazz Vol. 3 / IJR003 Illegal Jazz is a limited edition vinyl edit series. Rare jazz and soul tracks reworked for the dance floor by Berlin’s vinyl digging champion Delfonic and Toy Tonics records head honcho Kapote. Originally made only for their own DJ sets – from time to time some of these edits come […]

  • Toy Tonics Edit Series part 8: Kapote Euro Disco Reworks

    Toy Tonics loves Europe. And so we thought it could be nice to make a musical statement: Let’s give a little sign in these times of Brexit and Anti-European autocratic tendencies in many European countries:So our brother Kapote made the EURO DISCO REWORKS.5 rare European disco and new wave tracks from the 1980ies. From Italy, […]

  • Kapote – Get Down Brother 2020 [TOYT090S2]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD This is a short version of a nasty hip house track that Toy Tonics boss Kapote released on his “What it is” album from last year. The track only got released as a long version. But the track got so much feedback that it made sense to make this new short version. RELEASED 2020-07-17