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Category: Kosmo Kint

  • Kosmo Kint – Groove Religion [TOYT140]

    Kosmo Kint – Groove Religion [TOYT140]

    Toy Tonics welcome the first vocalist to their roster! Kosmo Kint – born and raised in NYC to Trinidadian parents and now based in Berlin – brings together the musical heritage of the two cities: the soul of NYC and the dance floor vibes of Berlin. Kosmo joins forces with Mathias ‘Kapote’ Modica and other…

  • Kapote & Kosmo Kint – Remix EP [TOYT139]

    Kapote & Kosmo Kint – Remix EP [TOYT139]

    Here comes a fat Toy Tonics remix package. COEO made 2 club versions of this track originally by Toy Tonics head honcho Kapote – featuring New York born, Berlin based Soul singer Kosmo Kint. Coeo’s Garage version is a heavy booty shaker, quite different from their last release. This is very UK. You can hear that…

  • Kosmo Kint – Remix EP [TOYT138]

    Kosmo Kint – Remix EP [TOYT138]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL This is a fat package of remixes. David Morales, Kai Alce, Atjazz, The Checkup. All reworked songs from the upcoming debut album of Kosmo Kint. Toy Tonics discovered Kosmo Kint 3 years ago when looking for a singer to work with. Kosmo is a Soul vocalist raised in New York.…

  • Kosmo Kint & Kapote – Misbehave [TOYT127]

    Kosmo Kint & Kapote – Misbehave [TOYT127]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD Toy Tonics head honcho Kapote jammed with New York born soul singer Kosmo Kint… and these are the three songs they finalized. Electric Soul? Futuristic disco? New Wave Funk? The songs have different vibes. Difficult to pin them down to a style. Ranging from soulful downtempo to more uptempo, almost 1980ies moody…

  • Fényan x Kosmo Kint – Da Real EP [TOYT119]

    Fényan x Kosmo Kint – Da Real EP [TOYT119]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL This next Toy Tonics EP takes one more step into a futuristic sound that connects Broken Beat, House & Neo Soul. The EP was produced by Fényan aka Kwame. France based dancer and producer (originally from Martinique) who hooked up with Kosmo Kint. The soul singer raised in New York…

  • Rhode & Brown feat. Kosmo Kint – Thru The Night [TOYT112S]

    Rhode & Brown feat. Kosmo Kint – Thru The Night [TOYT112S]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD The DJ- & producer-duo Rhode & Brown from Munich teamed up with singer Kosmo Kint. The NYC born and now Berlin living vocalist that already appeared on two Toy Tonics EPs by Mangabey and Sam Ruffillo. RELEASED 2020-09-25

  • Mangabey & Kosmo Kint – Time No More / Get Lost [TOYT102]

    Mangabey & Kosmo Kint – Time No More / Get Lost [TOYT102]

    STREAM / VINYL / DOWNLOAD New York vocalist Kosmo Kint joined the Toy Tonics crew. Born in Trinidad and raised in New York City, Kosmo has been part of the recent Brooklyn scene, singing in several projects in NYC before moving to Berlin two years ago. To find like minded people to create new lyrics…