Category: Tonic Edits

  • Kapote – Tonic Edits Vol. 7 [TOYT104]

    STREAM / VINYL / DOWNLOAD 4 secret weapons by maestro Kapote. Rare disco and early hip House tracks from the late 1970ies/early 1980ies reworked for Kapote’s own DJ sets. RELEASED 2019-11-29

  • COEO – Tonic Edits Vol. 6 [TOYT096]

    VINYL / STREAM / DOWNLOAD COEO have been travelling in Japan and discovered the magic of City Pop: That Japanese Disco movement of the 1980ies. Back then there were amazing dance tracks coming out of Japan. Some with Japanese lyrics others with American vocals. Often so perfectly played and recorded that it was hard to […]

  • COEO – Tonic Edits Vol. 5 [TOYT064]

    Finally out digitally! The Toy Tonics crew is known for being addicted to two things: vintage music machines and old vinyl. 100% music aficionados. On the „Tonic Edits“ series the crew shares some of their favorite old tracks – in a reworked version. This time COEO get back in time. They destroyed a couple of […]

  • TOYT035: Tonic Edits Vol 4

    Here comes the next part in the sick edits series of Toy Tonics records. 4 secret weapons of the Toy Tonics & Gomma records crew. This time made by new kid from the block, Kapote. Vinyl only RELEASED 29 JUNE 2015 GET IT ON JUNO

  • TOYT025: Tonic Edits Vol. 3

    One more time the TOY TONICS crew comes up with some SECRET DANCEFLOOR WEAPONS by the Toy Tonics DJs. Edits, remakes, remixes of tracks that you might know, but we won’t tell here, for obvious reasons. But check them out: French slow house maestro DJ STEEF reworking Munk’s classic italohouse track LA MUSICA. Italian dudes […]

  • TOYT019: COEO – Feel Me EP (incl. James Welsh Remix)

    New Toy Tonics by COEO – ! The new Toy Tonics EP comes from 2 kids from the growing Munich house scene. You might know Cocolores, Sascha Sibler, Rhode & Brown.. Now COEO – after a big hit on the last Sccucci Manucci Sampler (they reached No.1 on the Juno House Charts) this is their […]

  • TOYT020: Tonic Edits Vol. 2 (Vinyl only)

    The second vinyl only Toy Tonics Edits EP comes up with some secret weapons of Toy Tonics DJ’s Max Josef, Mr.Munk and Manuel Kim. Heavy percussions, slow disco summer soul and rollin’ proto house. Dancefloor fillers par excellence. 300 copies only. RELEASE 12 MAY 2014 Buy 12″ on Juno

  • TOYT010 : Tonic Edits Vol. 1 (Vinyl only)

    4 secret weapons of the Gomma / Toy Tonics DJs. Very effective techno/house versions of songs you might know from the 70ies and 80ies. The dancefloor will love these…. Reworked by Gomma artists Munk, Mercury, Manuel Kim and Toy Tonics newcomers Black Loops RELEASE 9 SEPTEMBER 2013 Buy 12″ on Juno