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COEO – Music For Friends [TOYT123]


Toy Tonics main artists COEO from Munich are back. The 2 guys started their career on Toy Tonics 7 years ago and since then made a long way. Their last EP „Piano Workout“ got heavy support from DJs like Job Jobse, Kim Ann Foxman & Perel and opened a new vibe in their oeuvre: They extended their style to more Balearic, Italo, Synth funk 80ies vibes. “25 Hundred Friends” is an ironic take on Italopop and social media… and will be a song people talk about for sure. “Slipstream” could be big on festivals with its classic DX/baseline and hypnotic vibe.

“Midnight Vision” has this light Caribbean and South African influences. The vibe you could feel on Don Laka’s classic “Stages”. And fits well with everything Toy Tonics releases in its Mushroom House series. Yeah, Toy Tonics and COEO open up for even more eclectic influences and extend house music to more levels and styles.

RELEASED 2021-09-24

COEO Releases

COEO – Piano Workout [TOYT114]


COEO are back on Toy Tonics! After uninterrupted touring around the globe, followed by a short creative break the guys come back with an even stronger sound. With the new EP they go more underground again. Its addressed to the clubs and night owls out there, who turn night into day and won’t stop dancing!

“Sorry For The Late Reply” contains a sample of “Was It Just A Game” by Solution Feat Tafuri, licensed courtesy of VJS Productions.
Writers: Victor Simonelli and Andrea Tafuri , Publishers; Simonelli Music and No Idea Music
Vocals by Andrea Tafuri. Vocals Produced and Recorded by Victor Simonelli for VJS Prod

RELEASED 2020-10-16

COEO Releases

COEO – Tonic Edits Vol. 6 [TOYT096]


COEO have been travelling in Japan and discovered the magic of City Pop: That Japanese Disco movement of the 1980ies. Back then there were amazing dance tracks coming out of Japan. Some with Japanese lyrics others with American vocals. Often so perfectly played and recorded that it was hard to tell if the music came out of NYC basement studios or for real Asiatic studio musicians. COEO found a lot of rare jams and did edits for their DJ sets. As at the Toy Tonics office everybody is always searching for the rare and unknown the crew was totally excited. And so the decision was made quickly: Let’s put out a few of these rare jams & edits. Here they are.

RELEASED 2019-06-14

COEO Releases Tonic Edits

COEO – Tonic Edits Vol. 5 [TOYT064]

Finally out digitally!
The Toy Tonics crew is known for being addicted to two things: vintage music machines and old vinyl. 100% music aficionados. On the „Tonic Edits“ series the crew shares some of their favorite old tracks – in a reworked version.
This time COEO get back in time. They destroyed a couple of 1970ies disco jams. Recut & repasted them. And gave them their special COEO touch. Of course it’s irresistible!

RELEASED 2017-05-19


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COEO Releases

COEO – Flesh World [TOYT067]

COEO are Toy Tonics’ lead artists and they don’t joke! Technically perfect on a level that most producers start to get jealous. Musically filled up with so much knowledge about the history of Disco and House that it’s no wonder that big names like Kenny Dope, Borrowed Identity and Tensnake are huge fans. And their style…? It’s a pure hedonistic discoish attitude that combines the funk driven eclecticism of today, the curiosity of young music cats who always want to be ahead and a sense of QUALITY in music that we miss in so many of today’s house music productions.

In fact it’s 2017 and a lot is changing in the House scene. The “old” melancholic deep house now is quite dead – while most Deep House charts are filled up with sample based Funk House.
COEO are regularly on the top of the several Deep House charts, and there is a reason: Their tracks have that kind of new, nasty, sexualised vibe that gets more inspired from the late 1990ies French touch house or early Masters at Work production. From Jazz DJs and DJ Sets of wildstyle DJs like Harvey or the Idjut Boys. It’s not any more about the old schematic Ketamine Deep House that always sounds the same (and makes your feet fall asleep.)
Listen to Flesh World! It’s black music basically. It’s Booty sound. Disco for sure. This track gets you riding on a trip.
Play it one time and you’ll play it every time. And: Check the percussion jam remix by Toy Tonics head Kapote.

RELEASED 2017-09-08

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COEO Releases

COEO – Mydonna [TOYT062]

Here comes the new COEO 3 tracker. Exactly what we hoped for: Very New York Loft House. Mid tempo Funk. Nasty dancefloor bombs – based on smoothly rolling, MPC cutted drum breaks. Lot of filters and lots of warm chords inside.

This is the 4th COEO EP on Toy Tonics. Time to tell who they are:
Andy & Flo come from a village two hours from Munich. Where people wear Lederhosen and stuff. The boys were outsiders. Being the only ones loving skate culture and buying hip hop vinyl. Enough is enough – they moved to Munich and started to hang out with the guys from Schlachthofbronx. Learning tricks and doing the first DJ gigs in the Bass scene. Till they played a gig with Diplo. They decided: Bass and Trap sound wasn’t their thing. Neither the German Deep House Techno. Andy & Flo come from Hip Hop, they had a MPC and lots of old records: of course the right decision was: House music. The black version – with lots of funk samples. The New York Vibe. This was their thing!
After meeting with the Toy Tonics crew things took off. Now, two years later, the boys had several no. 1 hits in the Traxsource and Juno House charts. DJs from all kind of scenes are playing their tracks. Andi & Flo are not outsiders in the village anymore, but part of a growing new scene of German producers – friends who make music in a funky, analogue way. With lots of love for Jazz and Disco.
When COEO make a track, they work like Old School Hip Hop producers: They always start with the beats. Then they cut the samples in a way that rarely you would recognize the original song. COEO tracks often consist of up to 50 different bits of records layered one over another. This creates these special loops. Listen to their two most successful tracks: „Native Riddim“ and „Back in the days“ – that special rolling house groove immediately makes you move.. you get in a good mood. It’s that warm, early 1970ies atmosphere that reminded labels like CTI. Where the bassline and the rhodes piano chords where the foundation of the piece.
You can feel the joy that the COEO boys probably have in the studio …and in their life. Good mood guys. They guys seem to spend their complete life with music: They told that Andy is a student for sound- engineering and Flo seems to have the best job in the world: teaching schoolgirls electronic music production.

RELEASED 2017-02-03


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TOYT046: COEO – Back In The Days

COEO are to Toy Tonics records, what Master at Work were to the House scene of the 1990ies: They bring the Soul into the House. Their new EP “Back In The Days” is a 4 track house stomper that could have been made in 1997 by guys like Sneak, Dimitri from Paris or Little Louie. But still the similarities to the new Berlin Sample- House scene around Max Graef and Hodini are evident, too. Already their last years’ superhit NATIVE RIDDIM included some heavy jazz samples they found in their parents’ bag of soul. Native Riddim has been no.1 in the Traxsource charts for several weeks and was the basis for their already huge following. From Laurent Garnier to Tensnake – the feedback has been awesome. Now they proceed their way of soulful house. Just good taste.

RELEASED 25 Jan 2016

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TOYT028: COEO – Native Riddim

The two German kids are part of the growing Munich house scene. This is their second EP for Toy Tonics records. Getting massive feedback from all kind of interesting House DJs – among them Laurent Garnier, Jimpster and Tensnake – who declared to be official COEO addicted. Soon they will have a remix for Munk out on Gomma and a third EP mid of 2015 on TT.