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  • Sam Ruffillo – Brooklyn Tapes EP

    Sam Ruffillo – Brooklyn Tapes EP

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL Blessed Madonna, Pete Tong, Gerd Janson, Ash Lauryn… the list of great DJs playing and loving Sam Ruffillo’s very special italian disco music is long. With only 3 EPs on Toy Tonics, he might be the most talked about producer on the Berlin label (with Cody Currie and Coeo). One […]

  • Kapote & Kosmo Kint – Remix EP

    Kapote & Kosmo Kint – Remix EP

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL Here comes a fat Toy Tonics remix package. COEO made 2 club versions of this track originally by Toy Tonics head honcho Kapote – featuring New York born, Berlin based Soul singer Kosmo Kint. Coeo’s Garage version is a heavy booty shaker, quite different from their last release. This is very […]

  • Cody Currie – Lucas [TOYT135]

    Cody Currie – Lucas [TOYT135]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL   The 14 tracker will land via Berlin’s Toy Tonics label and glides from disco to jazz, house and funk and features key collaborations with the likes of Jitwam, Eliza Rose, Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange & his close friends. After having met Mathias Kapote Modica, creative mind behind Germany’s well […]

  • Kosmo Kint – Remix EP [TOYT138]

    Kosmo Kint – Remix EP [TOYT138]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL This is a fat package of remixes. David Morales, Kai Alce, Atjazz, The Checkup. All reworked songs from the upcoming debut album of Kosmo Kint. Toy Tonics discovered Kosmo Kint 3 years ago when looking for a singer to work with. Kosmo is a Soul vocalist raised in New York. […]

  • Felipe Gordon & Bob The Egoist – Freedom EP [TOYT133]

    Felipe Gordon & Bob The Egoist – Freedom EP [TOYT133]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL Felipe Gordon comes back to Toy Tonics. The Colombian musician, producer and DJ has been part of the TT label crew since 2017 when he released his debut “Teusaquillo EP”. Since then Felipe has made a huge career. He made a second EP for Toy Tonics (Wait On Me, 2020) […]

  • Sam Ruffillo – Italianissimo Part 2 [TOYT144]

    Sam Ruffillo – Italianissimo Part 2 [TOYT144]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL Toy Tonics is a German label with lot of Italian vibes. Main Italian artist is Sam Ruffillo. Sicilian producer with Brooklyn roots. Sam’s trademark sound is based on Italian disco and Afro-American house music – with Italian vocals. Yes, Sam brings the real Mediterranean vibes that people love so much […]

  • Magou – Who Is Magou? [TOYT134]

    Magou – Who Is Magou? [TOYT134]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL Who is Magou? All we know is that, 2 years ago, Toy Tonics released a 12” EP that created a little buzz on this artist without a face and social media.The only clue is that Magou is allegedly a mysterious side-project by an otherwise well-known Italian music maker, producer and […]

  • Gome – Home Skooling EP [TOYT130]

    Gome – Home Skooling EP [TOYT130]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL Germany is not known for soul music, but some of the hottest disco artists of the 1970ies and 80ies were based in Germany. To be more precise, in Munich. Donna Summer, Moroder, Faltermeyer, Boney M or Silver Convention who created the „string disco sound“ came from Munich’s wild disco scene […]

  • Delfonic & Kapote – Illegal Jazz Vol. 2.1 [IJR002.1]

    Delfonic & Kapote – Illegal Jazz Vol. 2.1 [IJR002.1]

    The world needs more Dancefloor Jazz! Toy Tonics main man KAPOTE and former OYE Records selector DELFONIC teamed up to bring it to you. Both have a great vinyl collection and decided to release reworks of rare 1970ies jazz funk, spiritual, latin and brasil tunes. This is the 2nd release: ILLEGAL JAZZ VOL 2. And […]

  • Lost Toy Tonics Mixes [TOYT131]

    Lost Toy Tonics Mixes [TOYT131]

    Toy Tonics come up with the LOST TOY TONICS MIXES EP.  These tracks came out on Toy Tonics as digital releases or bonus tracks over the last years. As they had such great feedback, they now come together on a 4 track vinyl.  Folamour’s remix of french producer Mangabey was one of their biggest stream hits  […]