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Category: Mushroom House

  • Mushroom House Compilation Vol. 2 [TOYT085]

    Mushroom House Compilation Vol. 2 [TOYT085]

    MUSHROOM HOUSE is the Toy Tonics series for indie-afro-weirdo dancemusic. On this compilation you’ll find the 11 best tracks: Guest producers Kiwi, Harry Wolfman, Hugo Capablanca, Art Alfie from Studio Barnhus and Vito & Druzzi from New York‘s Throne of Blood made these unusual tracks for the Toy Tonics series. Red Axes, DJ Sprinkles, Joe…

  • Mushroom House EP5 [TOYT076]

    Mushroom House EP5 [TOYT076]

      Mushroom House – The Toy Tonics series for IndieAfroDisco House comes with EP no.5. ART ALFIE and HARRY WOLFMAN made exclusive tracks. Art Alfie from Stockholm made a lot of great records with Mr.Tophat and is part of the Studio Barnhus crew. While Harry Wolfman has releases on Lost my Dog, Under the Shade…

  • Mushroom House EP4 [TOYT068]

    Mushroom House EP4 [TOYT068]

    Joe Claussell joined the MUSHROOM HOUSE series! The New York City DJ and music originator made one of his rare remixes. For the Toy Tonics series. Claussell is a pioneer. Blending African and Brazilian rhythms with Disco and House since the early 1990ies. Inspiring the music world with his labels Spiritual Life Music and Ibadan…

  • Mushroom House EP3 [TOYT063]

    Mushroom House EP3 [TOYT063]

    Mushroom House is the Toy Tonics series for house and electronic music with an weirdo-afro-psychedelic touch. Only exclusive productions. EP 3 includes 4 tracks: Ponty Mython from Dirt Crew delivers a fabulous old school disco percussion jam. Pure 80ies New York style. Kiwi from London comes with a tune that is far away from that…

  • TOYT050: Mushroom House Compilation

    TOYT050: Mushroom House Compilation

    Toy Tonics records presents MUSHROOM HOUSE – a compilation full of Afro & Ethno/House and psychedelic Techno. Exclusive new music by Auntie Flo, Hyenah, DJ Koze, Kapote, Daniel Avery, Munk & Rebolledo and others. 15 exclusive tracks that combine elements from recent deep disco, house and electronica with sounds and vibes from Africa, Arabia or…