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  • PODCAST NR 30 – Ricardo Baez

    PODCAST NR 30 – Ricardo Baez

    Our old friend Ricardo Baez made a new mixtape for us! Ricardo runs one of the best club nights in Italia: “Tropical Animals” in Firenze. And he is a great DJ, producer (check his records for Toy Tonics) and label maker too. Now he is back on the Toy Tonics boat with that great mix […]

  • PODCAST NR 29 – Kapote

    PODCAST NR 29 – Kapote

    New podcast by our Toy Tonics head honcho Kapote. This time it’s different. Kapotyman goes crazy with his Jazz vinyl. A two hour trip from early 70ies spiritual Jazz to heavy Soul Jazz and Organ Funk. Many of these tracks have been sampled by Hip Hop and House artists but here u get them in […]

  • PODCAST NR 28 – Fouk

    PODCAST NR 28 – Fouk

    Here at Toy Tonics we have been fans of Fouk for a long time. They have that special vibe and musicality that appeals to Jazz and Funk fans like we are. And they have obviously a great knowledge of black music history. So we are happy that they did a remix for our new kid […]

  • PODCAST NR 27 – Kapote

    PODCAST NR 27 – Kapote

    New Kapote mixtape! A little sonic travel starting with Art Alfie’s recent debut on Toy Tonics (Listen here), surfing through current releases of some Toy Tonics friends (Marcel Vogel’s current single, Phenomenal Handclap Band, Lipelis, Fazer…) and some 90s german techno funk (Decomposed Subsonic / Ladomat), finally ending with obscure organic live played „Band-Techno” by […]

  • PODCAST NR 26 – Top Tracks Vol. 6 Continuous Mix

    PODCAST NR 26 – Top Tracks Vol. 6 Continuous Mix

    In addition to our „Top Tracks 6“ compilation, wich contains the most successful Toy Tonics tracks of the last months, we recorded a continuous mix. 10 tracks that made it into the house music top 10 of the big digital DJ food suppliers and were repressed on vinyl. Download: https://toytonics.bandcamp.com/album/top-tracks-vol-6 Tracklist: 1. Jad & The […]

  • PODCAST NR 25 – Mangabey

    PODCAST NR 25 – Mangabey

    Mangabey is the new kid in the Toy Tonics block. 24 year old keyboard wizzard and producer talent from France. The big new French wave is coming… His first EP is out… and here is a fabulous mixtape

  • PODCAST NR 24 – Felipe Gordon

    PODCAST NR 24 – Felipe Gordon

    Our buddy from Colombia, Felipe Gordon, just released his first EP on Toy Tonics. And as always a TT release comes along with a DJ mix of the artist. And this one is special!

  • PODCAST NR 23 – Harry Wolfman

    PODCAST NR 23 – Harry Wolfman

    New Toy Tonics podcast! This time by the new member of our crew: Harry Wolfman. His debut EP for TT has just been released. If you didn’t have a chance to hear it we recommend to do that. It’s a real special one. And so is his mixtape.. check!

  • PODCAST NR 21 – Kapote

    PODCAST NR 21 – Kapote

    Our buddy Kapote’s new Remix EP is out and as u know: everybody who makes an EP with Toy Tonics has to deliver a mix for our podcast series. Even when it’s the boss. So now Kapote. He mixes in his usual quite eclectic style: jazzy and disco vibes, old schooly house and new schooly […]

  • PODCAST NR 20 – Rollover DJs

    PODCAST NR 20 – Rollover DJs

    The next one in our Toy Tonics podcast series comes from our friends from ROLLOVER. The guys not only throw some of the greatest partys in their hometown Milan, but are among the people with the best taste and musical knowledge in Italy. Please welcome Rollover!