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  • PODCAST NR 9 – Kapote

    PODCAST NR 9 – Kapote

    Mr. Kapote comes back with a new EP and this little mixtape on Toy Tonics. Kapote is a Jazz man. He collects rare 1970ies Jazz and Funk vinyl. And he loves to construct dancefloor tunes out of samples from these rare records – Adding his own Rhodes piano chords, new basslines and livedrums to the […]

  • PODCAST NR 8 – Kiwi

    PODCAST NR 8 – Kiwi

    Kiwi from London just released a track on our Mushroom House series. He likes what we do and we like what he does – so it makes sense he joins the Toy Tonics podcast series. Check his mix – he has the TT vibe! Listen on Spotify   Tracklist: 1) Nic Lyon – Apollo 2) […]

  • PODCAST NR 7 – Manuel Kim

    PODCAST NR 7 – Manuel Kim

    New TT podcast​ ​from the Toy Tonics homebase: Manuel Kim. Co-head of Toy Tonics, clever boy behind Munich’s finest freestyle House ​clubnight​ Charlie XRAY and probably one of the deepest experts in house music u can meet. His new podcast features ​some recent and forthcoming TT tracks​, ​current favorites by​ ​the likes of Project Pablo […]

  • PODCAST NR 6 – Kapote

    PODCAST NR 6 – Kapote

    Here is your new Toy Tonics mixtape. Made by Mr. Kapote – who just released his new EP „Get Down Brother“ on Toy Tonics. The mix starts mid tempo with Adesse Version’s last Toy Tonics single and goes on quite ecclectic – switching fast between the styles. From heavy electro percussion tracks (Moscoman Pecking Lights […]

  • PODCAST NR 5 – Lancelot

    PODCAST NR 5 – Lancelot

    Listen on Spotify   Tracklist: 1. The Trails You Left Behind – Space Dimension Controller 2. Thinking Allowed – Tornado Wallace 3. Robotic Temptation – Fantastic Man 4. Bounty Hunting (Carreno is LB and Javi Redondo Remix) – Remain 5. As It Were (Ishi Vu Remix) – Lancelot 6. Ich Geh Den Weg Mit Dir […]

  • Toy Tonics Podcast #4

    Toy Tonics Podcast #4

    Some of the recent Toy Tonics releases in one mixtape! Mixed by labelhoncho Kapote. Including the brilliant remixes by our friends from Session Victim, Legowelt, James Curd and mastermind Hodini from Berlin’s Oye Records crew. You can hear new stuff by the kids from the growing Munich scene of soul-house: Former Gomma records employees Rhode […]

  • Toy Tonics Podcast Nr. 3 – Autumn 2015 News Mix

    Toy Tonics Podcast Nr. 3 – Autumn 2015 News Mix

    The main Toy Tonics Records releases in autumn 2015. Tracklist: 1. Concret – Don’t Abuse It 2. Black Loops – Suki 3. Jacky Mingo & Kapote – Fuego 4. PBR Streetgang – My Game 5. Alixander III, Saytek & Dave DeValera – Don’t Trust Me 6. Jacky Mingo & Kapote – Caliente 7. PBR Streetgang […]

  • TOY TONICS Podcast Nr.2 – Jad & The Ladyboy

    TOY TONICS Podcast Nr.2 – Jad & The Ladyboy

    Our buddy Jad from Australia is not only a good producer, but also a bomb DJ! Get his new mix here: Tracklist: 1. Uhuru Peak – King Seaweed 2. Vanilla – Maybe 3. Thom Janusz – Crystals 4. Letta Mbulu – Normalizo 5. Pixel 82 – Going On (Jad & The Ladyboy Remix) 6. Reboot […]

  • TOY TONICS Podcast Nr. 1 – A 2015 Medley

    TOY TONICS Podcast Nr. 1 – A 2015 Medley

    This is a Toy Tonics records one hour medley – only records that have been released on Toy Tonics last winter or will come out in 2015. Including music by new TT artists Alixander III (ex- AZARI & III), COEO, Kian T, Montel and of course the TT main artists Black Loops, Rhode & Brown, […]